“Short duration workouts actually work”

I help people improve their health and fitness, instead of looking at losing weight, stop gaining weight,

The way we eat and exercise is changing, we do need to exercise especially as we age, even doing minimal exercise helps enormously, followed by rest days.

I have regained my fitness after illness using nothing but this method, you won’t believe how well it works, I do not diet I eat the right foods that keep me feeling full, not bloated.

Traditional 1 hour training can put too much demand on your body…

Scientists have been studying different types of exercise for years now and have evidence that you can increase your metabolism, and benefit big time from training for as little as 3, 5 or 7 minutes at a time

You don’t have to spend a lot of time in the gym, or be on the tread mill for an hour! We reduced our workouts to around 7 minutes and got results, it’s easier to find the time to go and do it too

“Stop gaining weight, then lose weight”

If you are like us and have gained weight over time now is the time to take it off, we can help you put things into perspective, the key is to have knowledge and support so you can take control of your own health once you learn how to eat the right balance of natural foods

  • protein 30%
  • carbohydrates 30%
  • fat 20%
belly fat is unhealthy

My husband and I started our new lifestyle in March 2011 and after 4 weeks we had lost weight and started to tone up, we didn’t expect it to work so soon and we have both gained more energy and can feel the difference in our bodies, yes! it’s working check out my husbands story about his 12 year old belt you won’t believe it works!

Stop gaining weight: – do you believe that you have to diet and workout long and hard to lose weight or get fit? As a certified food coach my strategy is to stop you gaining weight first, then coach you ongoing giving nutritional advice and support when you need it

How to lose weight: – if you were to be coached once you started your new healthy eating plan do you think that would help you stick with it and lose weight? with the right balance of food daily, doing some exercises at home, using the correct techniques or going to your local gym, you can regain your fitness no matter what age you are

Build muscle and why: – building muscle burns fat and increases your energy

Why a Food Coach: – because a food coach is a nutritionist who not only gives advice on a healthy diet, but also coaches a client to success, by helping reach realistic goals. I have been trained by Professor Shirley Mcilvenny MD, MBBCh, FRAGP, FRCGP(UK)

If you have an injury or illness: – I actually had both when I started my healthy lifestyle so it’s best to discuss your individual needs before proceeding, you will be surprised at how doing very little still works. I am a goer, if I do not know it I will research for hours in search of what will work best for you

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Three easy steps to get in contact with me and get started…

  1. Read about me,  and please contact me Donna Phillips. so you can learn how to get fit, healthy and love doing it, it won’t cost you anything to ask
  2. Once you have made contact I will show you the 7 minute workout program that I do and if needed do a Nutritional Analysis for you; this entails you answering some questions about what you currently eat daily, so I can create a healthy eating plan just for you
  3. whether you need help or you are ready to get straight into it I can hook you up, there will be no waiting to get started on the exercises or workouts, these have been professionally designed by qualified trainers Joel Therien and Chris Reid